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15 02, 2018

Women Human Rights Defenders Demand The Stop Of The Duterte Reign Of Terror

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Rodrigo Rody Roa Duterte , the 16th president of Philippines was warned by two alliances recently to stop attack on human and Earth rights defenders. Women human right defenders had been facing constant attack under the Presidency, and for fighting against injustice and terror  are often referred as “enemies of the state”. For fighting for their rights in the Cordillera, five women human right defenders, Rachel, Sarah, Sherry Mae, Joan, and Asia, faced false accusation and were threatened and harassed. Similarly, Sarah Abellon-Alikes, Rachel Mariano, Joanne Villanueva, and Sherry Mae Soledad were also falsely accused for homicide. Just like Donald Trump in the U.S., Duterte is known for his sexist behavior and rape jokes. Photo Credit: Cultural Survival

7 11, 2017

17 Women Rights Defenders Killed Under Duterte

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The association of women human rights defenders in the Philippines, Tanggol Bayi, has reported at least 17 women human rights defenders murdered by the administration of President Duterte, including Elisa Badayos, Cora Lina, Manobo Jessybel Sanchez, Leonila Pesadilla, and many more known and unknown. Leonila and her husband were working to stop mining in their ancestral lands. Many of those killed have included rural and Indigenous women, as well as environmental activists and defenders of peace and democracy. Sexual abuse and gendered violence has been frequent, amongst other human rights violations. Photo credit: Anne Marxze D Umil, Bulatlat

1 07, 2017

In The Philippines, Rural Women Bear The Brunt Of Both Climate Change And Conflict

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Rural women of the Philippines are fighting for their survival in face of the triple threat of violent conflict, poverty and changing climate conditions. Particular groups of women, such as female farmers, widows and Indigenous women, are the first to feel the effects of extreme weather. Low crop production and food insecurity, as well as armed conflict, cause many to migrate to large cities within their country and abroad, where human trafficking, sexual abuse and other gendered violations are becoming increasingly common under mounting climate pressures. Photo credit : PWRDF, CC BY-SA

22 03, 2017

Women Saving The Planet: Lidy Nacpil Of The Philippines

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Lidy Nacpil is a political organizer, human rights advocate, and campaigner for the environment. She helps direct the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development while simultaneously filling a variety of roles across several other civil-society organizations , including the Green Climate Fund. She is one of only two “active observers” from civil society who is given time to speak at Green Climate Fund meeting. At these meetings, she makes use of video-conferencing so that as many advocates as possible can take part, particularly the people who are most at risk from a warming planet. Having lived under a dictatorship, she knows that giving up is simply not an option, even in the face of fear. And despite a grueling schedule, the global rise of nationalist parties, and environmental degradation, Nacpil says she remains hopeful. In order to move forward as a planet, she says, we have to stop treating the climate as less urgent than other crises. We have to include everyone, especially communities of color, and we have to recognize the interconnections of gender justice and climate justice. Photo credit: Ali Berrada

27 02, 2017

Environmental Lawyer Murdered In Philippines

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Mia Manuelita Mascarinas-Green was a renowned Filipino environmental lawyer working in pursuit of public interest, respect for human rights, and the promotion of social justice for over ten years. She dedicated her life towards the investigation of crimes against the environment, women, and children, and was known nationally as an empathetic and passionate individual. Mia Manuelita Mascarinas-Green was murdered in response to her life’s work, adding the death toll of Filipino environmental activists killed over a 15 year period to a staggering 112. Photo credit:

26 10, 2016

Bay Ali Indayla Protects Lands Of Phillipines

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Bay Ali Indayla is a Bangsomoro (Moro) activist from the Maguindanaon region of the Phillipines. After documenting human rights violations against her community in the context of ongoing conflict between separatists and government forces, she became the Secretary General of the Alliance for the Advancement of Moro Human Rights. As armed conflicts go on over access to land and natural resources, the need for the kind of work she does increases, and so do the dangers to her safety as a human rights activist. Photo credit: Urgent Action Fund