In this video, ecologist Suzanne Simard discusses the complex yet resilient systems that make up Earth’s diverse forests. Simard grew up in the forests of British Columbia, Canada, where she became enthralled with the old-growth trees which led her to become a forestry scientist. She soon realized her work in forestry was benefitting the unsustainable forest harvesting industry in Canada and conflicted with her values. She returned to school and authored groundbreaking research that proved there is a below-ground communications network between different species of trees that strengthens resilience to climate change and other disturbances. This network is a cooperative language shared between the trees rather than a competitive force as some scientists previously stated. Simard aims to spread this knowledge far and wide in order to change the unsustainable forestry practices in Canada and across the globe by advocating for protection of old-growth forests, diversity of species, and local-led forest protection.