Rosemary Lytle and Melanie Santiago-Mosier are two women of color leading in the NAACP and
Vote Solar who are calling for greater diversity in the solar industry. An industry crippled with
regards to equitable access to employment and economic opportunities, studies show that
companies that hire diversely, perform better financially. And despite solar employment being twice
what it was in 2010, women and people of color are less likely to earn executive level wages and be
satisfied with their current position with half of African Americans feel stuck with respect to their
mobility in the career ladder. With the very premise of the solar industry painting a better way
forward, progress towards a diverse workforce can be made through equitable hiring practices.
Other efforts involve adopting best practices when recruiting, creating a culture of inclusion, and
allowing space for professional development. Community programs also aid in making the solar
industry more accessible with the NAACP Power Up program allowing the incarcerated to break out
of recidivism through solar job training and placement. Photo credit: Grid Alternatives