During an event organized in honor of Ms. Ushigua from the Sapara Nation in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Indigenous women from Ecuador and the United States gathered to make their voices heard against the destruction of Mother Earth. Ms. Ushigua presented on the problems that her tribe is facing as their territory is covered by oil blocks and the oil is extracted for export to China. She discussed how, when her tribe was informed about the drilling plans, five Sapara women protested the destruction of their land and prevented the planes from landing in their territory. Gloria points out how Indigenous women in her area are victims of violence every time they fight for their land and rights, and shares thoughts on exactly why it is so important for her and her community to be part of the Indigenous Women of the Americas Defending Mother Earth Treaty, which was written by and for Indigenous women leaders of North and South America, uniting to defend their land and lives. Photo credit: Nanette Bradley Deetz