For Indigenous Peoples in Canada, water is a living thing and a spiritual entity with life-giving forces. Indigenous women have a strong relationship with water and traditionally have been considered its caretakers and protectors. Unsurprisingly, these women have often been referred to as “Keepers of the Water” or “Carriers of the Water.” Colonial institutions and tools have fragmented this relationship, creating disconnects between the land and Indigenous Peoples and, thus, the role of women in water governance. But Indigenous women are resilient, strong and are reasserting their role in local, regional, and national governance systems and dialogues. They are leading efforts to rebuild spiritual and cultural connections with water in their communities and are leading efforts across Canada to protect water. Indigenous women played a key role in developing a framework to support the engagement and re-empowering of Indigenous women in water governance in Canada. Already, the implementation of this framework is supporting Indigenous women to reassert their traditional roles and engaging more women in water stewardship activities.