Miriam Gay-Antaki, an assistant professor at Colorado College, has been researching the barriers faced by women climate scientists worldwide. This article includes Gay-Antaki’s findings alongside interviews with women in climate science, and it emphasizes the importance of including women’s perspectives in global forums and scientific spaces. On the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), only 20% of members are women. Many report instances of exclusion within the organization, from difficulty participating given a lack of childcare access to experiencing additional discrimination due to intersecting marginalized identities. Women not only face the difficulties of being in a male-dominated field, but also must deal with the unique challenges of climate science in particular: countering misinformation, propaganda, denial, and hostility. Gay-Antaki’s research shows the need to create safer, more inclusive environments where women in science can have their contributions valued. Photo credit: Anne Christianson