In this article, writer Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks features six organizers of the youth-led climate justice coalition, Zero Hour. Jamie Margolin, the founder of Zero Hour, is a 16-year-old organizer from Seattle, WA who began her advocacy work by writing op-eds on climate justice and has since formed the coalition to connect youth leading the climate movement in the U.S. Other lead organizers interviewed include Kallan Benson from Crownsville, MD, Madelaine Tew from Teaneck, NJ, Iris Fen Gillingham from Livingston Manor, NY, Nadia Nazar from Baltimore, MD, and Zanagee Artis from Clinton, CT. Each of these climate activists bring unique passion to their collective efforts ranging from art, to fundraising, to event organizing as they collaborate to fight for a safe and sustainable future for their generation and those to follow. Photo credit: Erin Schaff/The New York Times