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1 05, 2021

Janet Gibson, 1990 Goldman Prize Recipient, South and Central America

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Biologist and zoologist Janet Gibson was instrumental in the creation of the Holy Chan Marine Reserve to protect Belize’s precious coral forests and marine life from development, sewage dumping, and tourism. Since the 1980s, Gibson has been campaigning for long-term sustainable management of coastal resources, helping bring coalitions of fisherfolk, businesspeople, and government officials to the table to establish Belize’s integrated Coastal Zone Management program. She currently serves as the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Belize program director. Photo credit: Goldman Environmental Prize

6 02, 2017

From Tilonia To Santa Teresa: One Woman’s Journey Of Bringing Solar Energy To Her Village

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Florentina Choc is a Barefoot College trained solar engineer working in the Mayan pueblo of Santa Teresa, Belize. Along with a colleague, Florentina is responsible for the planning and execution of the installation of a micro solar grid in her village. The project enabled the entire community to transition to 100% renewable electricity; they now use primarily solar energy, either from solar lanterns or panels. Photo credit: Pooja Choksi