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13 03, 2020

In Fiji, Lesbian Feminist Activist Noelene Nabulivou Strives For World ‘Liberated And Free’

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Diverse Voices and Action for Equality (DIVA) was co-founded by Noelene Nabulivou with the aim to create an all inclusive peer support group of LGBT+ individuals and marginalized women in Fiji. The group gives a voice to all individuals who are victims to the widespread patriarchal power structures and homophobic attitudes in Fiji. Their work mainly focuses on activism, advocacy, policy and feminist knowledge sharing that targets all communities, but prioritises informal settlements, and women from rural and remote areas.  DIVA For Equality strongly advocates across genders and intersectional fields by tackling the interlink of LGBT+ and women rights with economic, ecological and climate justice. Having worked alongside regional and international organizations, DIVA for Equality aims to be an all inclusive voice in the global climate debate. Notably, the group initiated the regional coalition of ‘Pacific Partnerships on Gender, Climate Change and Sustainable Development’, which now has more than 50 island nations involved. Photo Credit: Reuters 

30 08, 2017

Maria Nailevu, Pacific Climate Justice Activist

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Growing up with recurrent natural disasters, sea level rise and flooding, Maria Nailevu experienced the impacts of climate change from a very early age. Today, she is working with Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality to promote social, economic and ecological justice woman to advocate for women human rights and climate action at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties conferences. Nailevu is also working to free her home of plastics with the Pacific Urgent Action Hub for Climate Justice and creating safe spaces where women can come together to share knowledge, stories and strategies for a gender-just society. Photo credit: DIVA4Equality

27 08, 2017

Maria Nailevu On Climate Justice For Fijian Women

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Maria Nailevu recounts how her lived experience of climate change on the island of Taveuni has led to her current work on gender and climate change. She details her important work with feminist and community-led organization Diverse Voices & Action for Equality (DIVA). She recounts the work of the Women Defend the Commons campaign, which promotes social, economic and ecological justice in a women-led Suva-based organisation. Photo credit: Christine Irvine/Survival Media Agency

2 08, 2017

Fiji’s Climate Champion Speaks Up For Women In The Wake Of Cyclones

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Eta Tuvuki is a single mother who saw her house dismantled in seconds by the powerful cyclone Archipelago. The mental trauma of losing her safe shelter didn’t deter her, however; rather it made her strong and inspired her to do something concrete for her fellow women facing the same situation. Today, as a rural leader for the Fiji-based NGO FemlinkPacific, Tuvuki acts as intermediary between her village and other government representatives. Apart from that, she shares the stories of women on the radio, helping and training women to restore the farms knocked out by cyclones and to be prepared for any kind of weather disaster. Photo credit: Sonia Narang

30 06, 2017

Noelene Nabulivou Standing For Climate And Gender Justice In Fiji

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Noelene Nabulivou is the political advisor for Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality, a Fiji-based organization she helped to found that works at the intersection of gender, human rights and environmental justice. As an openly lesbian feminist, Noelene has mentored countless women across the Pacific, such as Lavetanalagi Seru, co-coordinator of Project Survival Pacific. Nabulivou’s leadership has been indispensable for the women’s, disability and feminist movement in Fiji and the Pacific Islands. Photo credit: Sustainable Pacific Community

30 05, 2017

Climate Change Drives Domestic Violence in Fiji

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Shamina Ali is the leader of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and has been fighting domestic violence for more than three decades. In 2017, thanks to the Crisis Centre’s efforts, the Fijian government launched its first helpline for victims of domestic violence. More than 60% of Fijian women will suffer from domestic abuse in their lifetime, a figure exacerbated by climate change. One of the consequences of natural catastrophes is the displacement of thousands of families to shelters, where men and women are cramped together in close quarters without protection from sexual harassment and violence. Shaireen Mohammed and Verenaisi Naitu, also part of the Crisis Centre, explain more about climate change-related cases of violence against women and how they offer free counseling and support to the victims not only psychologically, but also in official and lawful matters. Photo credit: Sonia Narang

27 03, 2017

Global Warming Is A Matter Of Survival For Pacific Islander Women

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Facing cyclones, floods, rising sea levels, and everything in between, women of the Pacific Islands, including Viva Tatawaqa and Helen Hakena, are speaking out. Bringing their message to international forums and media, these women are making links between climate change, the gender gap, sexual and reproductive rights, and global justice.

7 02, 2017

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls Amplifying Voices Of Pacific Island Women For Justice

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Sharon Bhagwan Rolls is a Fijian human rights activist working on the intersection of gender and media as Executive Producer Director of femLINKpacific. The regional regional women-led media organisation has created a space for Pacific Island women to raise their voices for justice in their rights, communities, and for the for the land and oceans ecosystems of their homelands. Photo credit: FemlinkPacific

30 01, 2017

Pacific Women Climate Change Negotiators Workshop At Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

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22 women from across the Pacific region attended the Pacific Women Climate Change Negotiators Workshop at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat to learn negotiation skills. Alisi Rabukawaqa Nacewa of the Bua Urban Youth and Coral Reef Alliance from Fiji, and Ofa Kaisamy, from the Tonga Department of Climate Change, voiced their concerns that women’s voices were not properly heard at the policy-making table. Photo credit: The Fiji Times Online

30 01, 2017

The Climate Change Sheroes Of Diverse Voices And Action For Equality

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Led by Noelene Nabulivou, Audrey Seru and Maria Nailevu, Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality is a growing feminist LGBT+ national collective of lesbians, bisexual women, trans-masculine and gender non-conforming people working on issues of human rights, social justice and climate change. Their work includes everything from international campaigning and education to documenting local knowledge about climate change on Fiji’s islands. Photo credit: Diva for Equality/Facebook

23 01, 2017

Fiji 4 Rally: Fijians Stand In Solidarity At Women’s March Against Trump

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Four Fijian women—Roshika Deo, Betty Barkha, Sandra Fong and Kaushal Sharma—joined more than two million people worldwide to participate in the Women's March of 2017. This American movement, formed after the national election, intends to defend women’s rights, address concerns of marginalised groups and work for environmental justice. Deo, Barkha, Fong and Sharma voice their concerns of how a Trump environmental non-agenda will impact small island states. Photo credit: Roshika Deo

1 01, 2017

Here Are The Women (2017): Vikatoria Tuivanualevu

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Vikatoria Tuivanualevu, President of the Naweni Women’s Group, speaks out and claims women’s participation and representation in leadership positions from the community to the national level. She is also part of the Savusavu network on behalf of rural women in her community in Naweni Village and Soqosoqo Vakamarama Taukei for the Cakaudrove province. Tuivanualevu shares her experiences after Tropical Cyclone Winston with Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Executive Producer-Director of femLINKpacific, an organization that tries to fill the gap in access to information in affected communities. She tells how her community is still struggling a year later to recover from the disaster; they appreciate the Women’s Weather Watch project, which helps inform them about weather and climate change, enabling better preparation when facing other disasters. Tuivanualevu believes women are essential for dealing with climate change disasters and building resilience; she argues how important it is to include their voices in decision-making processes. Photo credit: femLINKpacific

1 01, 2017

Here Are The Women (2017): Eta Tuvuki

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Eta Tuvuki is a community leader and member of Soqosoqo Vakamarama, Buretu Women’s Club and femLINKpacific’s rural network of women leaders since 2012, in Rakiraki, Fiji. She speaks out about the lack of access to clean water since Tropical Cyclone Winston hit her country one year ago, and how this impacts the community's food security as well. Droughts, heavy rains and floodings are weather patterns that deeply affect the water and result in further issues for food sovereignty in her area. Access, ownership and tenure of land are another big problem, especially for women, the main providers of food for their families. Tuvuki shares the hardships she and others in her community face now; she calls for government action and women’s presence and input in much-needed solutions. Photo credit: femLINKpacific

24 01, 2013

Pacific Women In Climate Change – Meet Ms. Ashwini Prabha From Fiji

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Ashwini Prabha, currently International Communication Coordinator for the Climate Action Network, has worked with various non-governmental organizations and efforts, including National Geographic Magazine, the Ministry of Agriculture (Fiji), the United Nation Development Program, and Worldwide Life. After giving birth to her son Mana, she started working as consultant from home, developing climate change communication strategies, campaigns, articles and media-skills trainings for various organization. Photo Credit: SPREP