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31 12, 2015

COP21 Insights: Climate Wise Women

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Ursula Rakova, Thil and Constance are three Climate Wise Women who are devoting their work to spreading the word about the inseparable relationship between gender and climate. Here, they offer a personal and political account of their time at the COP21 climate talks in Paris. They remind us of how Indigenous women leaders and women-led communities are working on adaptation, gender and finance, defining a promising path forward. The article emphasizes the challenges of moving a gender agenda forward within the COP process and the feminist commitments made to overcoming those challenges. Photo credit: Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA)

25 12, 2015

For The Earth And Future Generations: Women Leading Solutions On The Frontlines Of Climate Change

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At an event hosted by Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network during the COP 21 Paris negotiations in 2015, women leaders spoke about how women are the first and worst impacted by climate change. Indigenous women led the way, sharing their experiences fighting the dominant fossil fuel economy and forging a new way towards a sustainable, healthy and ecological communities. Photo credit: Emily Arasim/WECAN

8 12, 2015

Debate “Women And Climate” With Vandana Shiva And Mary Robinson

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At the “Women and Climate” event during the Paris Climate Talks Indian scholar, environmental activist, and anti-globalization author, Vandana Shiva spoke to recognize “women power” in addressing the climate crisis. She along with former president of Ireland Mary Robinson, Marie-Monique Robi, and Segoline Royal, all presented on the imperative to have women at the forefront when looking for climate solutions.  Photo Credit: Seed Freedom

4 12, 2015

African Women Hardest Hit By Climate Change, But Play Pivotal Role In Finding Solutions

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Prascilla Achakpa, Executive Director of the Nigeria’s Women Environmental Programme, and Edna Kaptoyo, of the Kenya-based Indigenous Information Network, discuss the disproportionate impact of climate change on women in Africa. These women, who were delegates at the United Nations Paris Climate Talks in 2015, emphasized the importance of including women in negotiations and achieving sustainable solutions. Photo credit: Democracy Now

25 08, 2013

Degrowth And Equality Of The Sexes?

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In this interview, Sarah Nemno asks France’s Degrowth party member Vincent Liegey about how gender equality fits into degrowth economics. Liegey argues is that a degrowth of economics also means a degrowth of inequalities, including gender disparities. In exploring the topic, the two discuss the decolonization of our imaginations, of our western ideas of development, and above all of our masculinist and patriarchal frameworks. Photo credit: Projet Decroissance

1 01, 1992

Christine Jean, 1992 Goldman Prize Recipient

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A 1992 Goldman Environmental Prize recipient, Christine Jean is a protector of local ecological wealth in France. Jean fights harmful development projects and was key to blocking the 1980 Serre de la Fare dam along the Loire, Europe’s last wild river. She organized countrywide opposition into a robust campaign, S.O.S. Loire Vivante, which pressured the government to cancel the project and implement a river management program. Photo credit: Goldman Environmental Prize