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16 12, 2016

Experts Say Encouraging Women Farmers Is The Way To Solve Hunger

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Women make up 45% of the agricultural workforce worldwide, and up to 60% in Asia and Africa. However, they own only 20% of the land and work 12 hours a week more than men in developing nations, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Almost 60% of chronically hungry people are young girls and women. Given the statistics, the lack of access to land, credit and other gender gap issues are urgently pressing. Solutions to these problems will not only improve agricultural productivity in a sustainable way and fight hunger, but will also improve women’s financial independence and quality of life, explains Neven Mimica, EU commissioner for international co-operation and development.

1 01, 1998

Anna Giordano

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Dr. Anna Giordano, a trained ornithologist, is fighting to protecting Sicily’s birds from poachers. The straits of Messina off of the Italian mainland are known for their migratory birds and raptor species, including the Honey Buzzard, swallows, storks, oriels, and kestrels which are targeted by poachers for sport. After two violent incidents involving Anna and her young volunteer surveillance team in 1986, the local law enforcement department joined their efforts to reduce poaching in Messina. Due to persistent efforts by Giordano, the poaching of birds has reduced from 5,000 per year to hundreds. Giordano, now the director of Trapani and Paceco Nature Reserve for the World Wildlife Foundation, is continuing her protection efforts of the spring migratory birds and fighting against the strong lobby of poachers and the Italian government’s lenient laws against the poachers which are contradictory to both the national and European legislation. Photo credit: The Goldman Environmental Prize