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17 05, 2017

Jordan’s Water Wise Women

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In Jordan, women are taking center stage in combating the country’s severe drought crisis through plumbing skills training and water conservation education. Plumbers Isra Ababneh and Safaa Sukkariah are among the 3,000 women empowered by the Water Wise Women Initiative, which teaches water-saving techniques to fix faulty pipes and improve water management. UNICEF/ACTED representative Eshraq Mashaqbeh also encourages water security by teaching Syrian refugees in Jordan how to save water. Photo credit: Aljazeera

1 01, 2016

Meet Safa Al Jayoussi, A Leading Environmental Expert And Advocate In the Arab Region

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Safa Al Jayoussi has worked on many successful environmental campaigns in the Arab world. As an expert and environment advocate, she became the founder and executive director for IndyAct in Jordan, an organization that empowers independent environmental activists in the Middle East. Her most recent activities include campaigning against nuclear power plants and advocating for a binding agreement between Arab League countries during the COP21 talks. Photo credit: Arab Woman Platform