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29 10, 2016

National Ecosystems And Biodiversity Loss: A Gender Perspective

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In response to the Sustainable Development Goals and the worrying loss of biodiversity and natural ecosystems, the Global Forest Coalition has launched the “Women 2030” initiative to integrate women in forests and biodiversity. Partnering with local organization BIOM, the Global Forest Coalition is working in southern Kyrgyzstan to support women’s leadership in forest preservation. For example, in the communities in question, women are central to bird breeding as well as soil conservation and the collection of traditional medicinal herbs, activities which promote biodiversity while simultaneously fighting poverty. Photo Credit: UN Women/Flickr

27 10, 2013

Interview With Olga Djanaeva Of ALGA

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This is an interview by Claire Greensfeld, Senior Advisor on Climate and Energy at WECF, with Olga Djanaeva, from Kyrgyzstan. She is co-founder and director of the organization ALGA, which means "Moving Forward, Being Ahead" which she helped found when women from her village got together and decided to create something so they could share their own problems and improve each other's lives. ALGA works on Sustainable Livelihoods and has succeeded in securing land rights for women and starting  a programme for rural women to get loans for their small enterprises.