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8 09, 2016

Supporting Mali’s Women Farmers To Adapt To Climate Change

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Women farmers in Mali are seeing their crops suffer from drought linked to climate change. In response, Fatoumata Diarra, a member of the women’s cooperative in the village of Massantola, explains how women in her community are using water-efficient agroecological practices to produce vegetables for consumption and sale. Part of the profits are reinvested into the maintenance of both a solar-powered well and mill that grinds grain into flour, freeing women's time for other endeavors. Photo credit: Imen Meliane/UNDP Climate Adaptation Mali

1 11, 2015

Women Seed Savers Key To Ecologically-Based Rural Development In Mali

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Mrs. Kotiné Traoré, a seed saver and farmer in rural Mali, is responding to the food shortage in her community caused by drought and land degradation. Mrs. Traoré is a leader in a local educational program that trains community members in soil and seed conservation to fight poverty and hunger. She is now producing a diversity of vegetables, including okra, ground nut, tomato, and African eggplant, and saving the seeds. Photo credit: Oakland Institute

16 09, 2015

In Mali, Renewable Energy Boosts Agricultural Production Of Female Farmers

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Women in rural Mali are benefiting from an initiative sponsored by UN Women and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) that provides solar-powered mills, freezers and dryers cost-free to female entrepreneurs. Women are using the technology to extract, dry, grind and process fruit and local products such as mangoes, ginger, tamarind and hibiscus flowers. In Mali only 18 percent of the rural population has electricity, so the solar-powered equipment is a game changer. For Kadidia Diawara, mayor of a rural township, this project is beneficial not only to women but also to the entire community. Photo credit: UN Women/F. Kanakomo

26 08, 2015

In Rural Mali, Women’s Climate Work Brings Political Prowess

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Sali Samake, a farmer in rural Mali, is one of thousands of women trained to measure rainfall under an agro-meteorological aid programme run by the Malian government. While providing crucial data to climate researchers, she also receives weather forecasts and advice to share with other farmers, which helps them adapt to changing weather patterns. Because of this support, she and other women are increasingly thinking of running for municipal office. Photo credit:Reuters/Joe Penney