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1 07, 2017

In A Fight For Land, A Women’s Movement Shakes Morocco

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Saida Soukat, 27, is one of the Moroccan women farmers at the forefront of the Sulaliyyates movement for for women’s land rights. The women have been fighting the privatization of tribal lands for more than 10 years, while promoting women’s equal rights to land tenure and inheritance, in a country where access to land by women is still a big issue. They are challenging patriarchal structures and creating change, notes Zakia Salime, from Rutgers University. Saida Idrissi, of the Moroccan Association for Women’s Rights, also helps organize the movement, providing training and assistance in legal matters and negotiations. Although there have been constitutional advancements, laws are still very unfavourable to women, putting them at a disadvantage. This is why women such as Fatima Soukat, 93, still participate in the fight. Photo credit: Aida Alami/The New York Times

22 11, 2016

From Standing Rock To Morocco: Women Against Corporate Polluters

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Women around the world are fighting for climate justice: Indigenous Moroccan activist Moha Tawja points out the parallel efforts between her community in Amazigh and the community of Standing Rock in North Dakota. Both groups of women are advocating against extractive industries and a lack of respect for tribal sovereignty.. Though a world away geographically, their efforts point to the global nature of Indigenous resistance against the exploitation of water, and the depth and strength of the movement. Photo credit: Nadir Bouhmouch  

15 11, 2016

Rachel Kyte On The Global Energy Access Challenge

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During the 22nd Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Rachel Kyte shared her opinion about accessibility to energy. Rachel is the chief executive and United Nations Special Representative at Sustainable Energy for All and believes that access to energy does not necessarily exclude climate action. She talks about the feasibility of energy accessibility, the promotion of renewable energy, and necessary improvements to the field.

2 06, 2016

Women Lead Agricultural Cooperatives In Rural Morocco

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Women in the Kissane region of Morocco are combating the negative impacts of climate change on their crops by turning to agroecology, bringing people and nature back into harmony. The founding member of the local agricultural cooperative and a pioneer of agroecology, Souhad Azennoud, has created seed exchange groups for local women and says that women are most receptive to protecting traditional seeds. Photo credit: Mediating/UN Women

17 09, 2015

In Moroccan Oases, Women Watch Plants And Incomes Grow

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In Errachidia, Morocco, women are producing medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) for sale using solar energy, while protecting oases from desertification. MAPs are more profitable than other crops and require little water to grow, providing a stable income while helping to maintain desert agriculture in the face of climate change. Photo credit: UN Women Morocco