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8 03, 2019

The Women Refusing To Let Palestine’s Farming Roots Die

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The Palestinian Heirloom Library, in its efforts supporting a Palestinian agricultural scene, stands not only as an act of resistance to Israeli occupation but as a source of cultural tradition and hope in amongst climate change impacts and agribusiness take-over’s. The brainchild of Vivien Sansour, the Heirloom Library was inspired into creation by stories of the succulent watermelon Jadu’I that used to flourish in Jenin. The melon, once a significant cornerstone in the daily lives of Palestinians, suffered (as did much of Palestinian agriculture) after the Israeli occupation. The goal of the Library aims to preserve ancient seed types as well as traditional agricultural practices and revive the heirloom varieties in the fields of the farmers. The Art and Seeds space showcases indigenous seeds and serves to teach the public about long-standing Palestinian farming practices. Photo credit: Vivien Sansour.

23 04, 2016

Palestinian Woman Creates Seed Bank To Save Her Heritage

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Vivien Sansour of the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library in the West Bank city of Beit Jala is working to preserve native varieties of seeds, traditional farming methods and Palestinian culture in the face of dire climate pressures and military occupation. Photo credit: Peter Beaumont/The Guardian