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11 09, 2016

Scotland’s Female Farmers: Custodians Of The Land

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In some of the most hostile and secluded rural areas of Scotland, women are connecting to the land and acting as protectors of the environment. After returning to her native Scotland, photographer Sophie Gerrard was inspired by the intimate relationships local women have with the land. In her project, Gerrard shares stories of women who have different stories and backgrounds, but all protect their landscape with a sense of custodianship given the threats of climate change. Photo credit: Sophie Gerrard

28 07, 2016

Mumta Ito At TEDxFindhorn: Rights Of Nature

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Mumta Ito, founder of the International Centre for Wholistic Law and Rights of Nature Europe, points out that modern environmental laws are designed around an economic paradigm which legitimizes the destruction of Nature. Our legal system operates within paradigms which are anthropocentric believing that Nature exists to serve human needs. In addition, modern legal frameworks are designed to support economic growth without challenging the cause of the problem which is the economic system itself. She suggests moving towards a holistic system of law that puts our existence in this planet within its ecological context. Even though humans have the right to life, Nature which provides all the materials for our lives has no such rights. By enshrining Rights of Nature in law, we protect the Earth that we all need for our very existence. Photo credit: TedxTalks

15 05, 2015

Jackie Kay On Extinction

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Scottish Poet Jackie Kay’s verses convey how anti-immigrant, homophobic and nationalist mentalities are interlocked with environmental destruction and damage. “We close the borders, folks, we nailed it, No trees, no plants, no immigrants” are the first two lines of her poem Extinction. Published in 2015, it’s hard not to connect Kay’s lines to the narrative of exclusivity that led to a 2014 Scottish referendum to stay within or leave Britain. The country voted “no” and stayed within Britain, just two years before the shocking Brexit leave vote. Photo credit: The Guardian