In Photos: Women Of Seychelles Lead Efforts Towards Healthy Oceans

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Women are leading the charge for the conservation and sustainable use of ocean resources in the Indian Ocean Rim region. Sylvanna Antat, Marine Research Officer with the Seychelles National Parks Authority, is leading the charge to map coral reefs around Mahe Island, organisms that promote biodiversity and help mitigate coastal erosion. Michelle Martin, Executive Director of Sustainability for Seychelles, and Karine Rassool, Senior Economist for the Seychelles Fishing Authority, fought for a ban on plastic bags and Styrofoam containers. Their efforts were supported by long-time resident and fruit seller Mana Celestine, who hasn’t used plastic bags in 15 years, to preserve the health of her home. In science, Senior Laboratory Technician Julie Matatiken analyzes the health of tuna for the Port of Victoria, while in education, Christel Jacques educates young people about environmental conservation through the Wildlife Club. Women’s leadership is crucial to preserving and protecting marine ecosystems and the people that depend upon ocean resources. Photo credit: UN Women