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13 07, 2017

Geumsoon Yoon: The Global Struggle Of The Local Peasant

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The author of this article, Geumsoon Yoon, is a South Korean small-scale farmer, leader of the Korean Women Peasant Association, and a member of the International Coordination Committee of La Via Campesina.  As a female peasant farmer, she highlights global efforts to resist corporate power and free-trade deals that threaten rural self-sufficiency, and describes how peasants around the world are standing up for the small scale, local agricultural systems that have developed over 20,000 years, feed around 70% of the world’s population, and places Mother Earth in the centre of its philosophy. As they fight a system which turns food from a common good into a commodity and the erosion of sustainable food systems, Yoon and her comrades often meet violent repression, however, these brave farmers continue to demand their right to decision making power over things that affect their lives. Photo credit: Reuters

21 11, 2013

Korean Women’s Peasant Association: Saving And Sharing Native Seeds

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The Korean Women’s Peasant Association (KWPA) promotes food and seed sovereignty among Korean communities by establishing an inter-Korean network dedicated to the saving and exchanging of native seeds. As 90% of these seeds are collected by women, the KWPA directly works with Korean women farmers to support them in their fight against globalisation, neoliberalism, and climate change. Photo Credit: Stuart Ramson/Insider Images for WhyHunger

27 08, 2010

Complex Answers To Complex Problems

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Frances Seymour, the Center for International Forestry Research Director-General, and Emily Ostrom, the 2009 Nobel Prize winner for Economics, spoke on the complex nature of solving forestry issues at the 2010 International Union of Forest Research Organizations World Congress. Ostrom advocated for the formation and use of interdisciplinary teams in forest monitoring and management, as well as the important role of community forestry. She asserts that the complex issues of forestry will require a complex response, and a united front in community activism is necessary for effective forest conservation. Photo credit: Forests News