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12 09, 2018

Ecofeminism: Spanish Women Fueling The Journey To Energy Democracy

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Women in Spain are striking and petitioning for a new energy model that contrasts the current patriarchal, capitalist model. In recognizing that women are most adversely affected by the current climate model, they are calling for a just transition which overhauls the systematic sexism, racism, and classism to achieve a truly fair energy policy. Part of the solution they say, is changing the male dominated environments where energy policies are written and discussed. Across the country women are tightening the conversation and successfully making gains such as Law 24/2-15 which indicate a future for more progressive ecofeminists policies in the future. Photo Credit: Adolfo Lujan

21 12, 2016

María María Acha-Kutscher, Feminist Visual Artist

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Histories of women, including global histories of women’s knowledge of and connection to the land, are often rendered invisible in Western patriarchal narratives. Peruvian feminist and visual artist María Acha-Kutscher is fighting the erasure of women in history by drawing women who are at the forefront of resisting rape culture, racism and gender-based violence into a visible media platform. Her vibrant digital drawings portray a diversity of global women activists that span international social and political movements. Acha-Kutscher is depicting land defenders such as Melania Chiponda in her #DefendHer campaign and is focusing on visually amplifying Indigenous women’s portraits, including Zapatista movement women Commanders Esther and Ramona, and Macedonia Blas Flores, coordinator of “Fot’zi Ňaňho AC” (Help the Ňaňho). Photo credit: María María Acha-Kutscher