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16 08, 2023

Meet the Ukrainian Woman Solving the ‘five fear factors’ of Wave Energy

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Despite its potential to surpass wind power in efficiency, wave energy remains largely unexplored. Inna Braverman, CEO of Eco Wave Power, is changing that narrative. Inspired by her survival of the Chernobyl disaster as an infant, Inna has dedicated her career to advancing clean energy solutions. In tackling the drawbacks of offshore wave energy, she devised a groundbreaking land-based approach, repurposing existing structures for power generation. This innovative strategy not only mitigates environmental impact but also improves affordability and reliability. The US alone could meet 66% of its energy needs with wave power. Through pilot projects in Gibraltar and Israel, Eco Wave Power exemplifies the leadership of women like Inna in revolutionizing renewable energy technologies.  Photography Credit: Inna Braverman

26 05, 2022

The War On My Homeland Offers A Real Chance To Save the Planet

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This article, written by Ukrainian climate advocate and environmental lawyer Svitlana Romanko, discusses how ending Putin’s “fossil-fueled war” in Ukraine can motivate a faster transition to green energy. Emphasizing how the Russian invasion is made possible by coal, oil, and gas industries, Romanko calls upon the international community to ban the import of all fossil fuels from Russia as a first step towards a global switch to renewable energy. She views the ongoing war as a decisive point in history: a chance to either embrace green technologies or perpetuate the harmful status quo. She also cautions against simply replacing fossil fuels from Russia with the same product from other countries, as this would only accelerate the climate crisis and fossil-fueled wars in other regions such as the Middle East. Romanko calls out the American oil companies that have used the war in Ukraine to increase their production and profits. Framing fossil fuels as weapons of mass destruction, Romanko connects the movement for peace with the movement for climate justice. Photo credit: Olga Gordeeva

26 05, 2022

The War on my Homeland offers a real chance to save the planet

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Svitlana Romanko is a Ukrainian climate activist, environmental lawyer, and mother writing from the frontlines of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Romanko explains that Russia’s invasion is funded and fueled by the coal, oil, and gas industries that also drive the climate crisis. Before the war, Romanko helped the Ukrainian city Vinnytsia create a roadmap to implement the European Green Deal to work towards climate neutrality. While the conflict has stopped those plans, Romanko points out that the war presents an opportunity for Europe to transition away from fossil fuels, both to stop the Russian invasion and for global climate justice. Photo credit: Olga Gordeeva/EyeEm via Getty images

1 01, 2006

Olya Melen, 2006 Goldman Prize Recipient, Europe

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When the Ukranian government began to construct a canal between the Danube River and the Black Sea without public notice, young lawyer Olya Melen led the charge to protect the fragile wetland ecosystems of the Danube Delta. The Delta is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, rich in biodiversity and natural resources. Using Ukraine’s commitment to various international conventions as a legal weapon, Melen proved that the Environmental Impact Assessment of the project was inadequate and illegal in Ukraine’s court. Photo credit: Goldman Environmental Prize