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2 02, 2022

Tukupu: The women of the Kariña community, guardians of Venezuela’s forests

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Cecilia Rivas is an Indigenous woman from the Kariña community and leader of the Tukupu, Venezuela’s first Indigenous Forest business. The Kariña people proposed the creation of the Tukupu project in 2016 to protect the Imataca Forest Reserve from destruction and to use its resources sustainably to benefit local Indigenous communities. Tukupu is composed mainly of women who work to restore and manage the forest and commercialize resources sustainably to benefit local industries. The work of Tukupu has resulted in the prevention of more than 23 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Rivas explains that the co-management agreement incorporated an Indigenous worldview to the benefit of the forest, local communities and the world. The children of Kariña are involved in Tukupu so they may learn and become the future guardians of the Imataca Forest Reserve. Photo credit: FAO Venezuela

16 02, 2016

Facing Severe Food Shortages, Women In Venezuela Take Up Urban Gardening

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Women like Josefina Requena have been first to respond to Venezuela’s food crisis by starting small-scale urban farms in their own homes, growing fruit and vegetables and keeping chickens to promote food security and community health. Photo credit: John Otia/NPR