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15 12, 2016

Woman Engineer Lights Up Zambia’s Rural Community

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Energy systems expert Likonge Makai is helping to power Zambia’s rural communities, where less than 5% of the population have access to electricity. Since forming in November 2014, her nongovernmental organization, LiChi’s Community Solution, has impacted over 1,800 people through solar-powered charging kiosks, lighting kits, and energy systems for homes and schools. These projects not only provide efficient, affordable energy for phones and lighting, but also enable quality education, sustainable business operations, improved health, and environmental sustainability. Photo: IEEE

15 09, 2015

Women Pay The Price Of Mining Expansion In Zambia

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Beth Lombanya, a 42-year-old mother of 10, spoke out against her forced relocation when the Zambian government approved a large-scale copper mine on her land. The women of her village farm cassava, fish, and collect mushrooms for a living, subsisting on land threatened by a foreign firm’s mining project. Photo credit: Thomas Reuters Foundation/Magdalena Mis