This article spotlights Tawonga Zakeyo, an activist from Malawi who works for the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED). Having completed high school, college, and a study abroad program, she now works to ensure that more girls can have the same opportunities to learn. Girls’ education is one of the most important solutions to pressing global issues, as it is correlated to lower rates of child marriage, increased economic empowerment, and more political and social agency. If all girls worldwide had access to voluntary family planning programs as well as universal education, it could reduce carbon emissions by up to 68.9 gigatons before 2050. Women and girls are disproportionately impacted by natural disasters, but their resilience increases when they have knowledge about everything from understanding weather reports to building more durable homes. Through CAMFED, Zakeyo has been able to support young women farmers to practice sustainable agriculture and understand the changing climate. She emphasizes the importance of educating girls so they can be agents of change. Photo Credit: Hellenah Khunga