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2 08, 2019

From The Archive: The Local’s First Interview With Greta Thunberg

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In this article first published in the Local (Swedish) newspaper, Greta Thunberg describes herself as a climate radical. At 15 years old, she decided to make a stand for climate change by protesting outside Sweden’s Parliament every day so politicians would take climate issues seriously. The choice of location ensured the protest would attract attention from tourists and professionals passing by; such as being approached by Minister for Social Affairs Annika Strandhäll. Greta chose to raise awareness about climate change and counteract the lack of youth voting power by refusing to attend school, which is obligatory until the age of 16. Involved in environmental issues since she was 11, Greta started organising herself to do something about the worrying effects of climate change. By the 5th day of protest, she was joined by 35 people sitting outside parliament, including Fatemeh Khavari, spokesman for the young Afghans against Swedish deportations policy. Photo Credit: Catherine Edwards/The Local

18 11, 2015

Sami Woman Sofia Jannok Sings

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In this video, Indigenous Sami woman Sofia Jannok sings a traditional folksong, or “yoik” entitled “Gulahallat Eatnamin” which translates to “We Speak Earth” and proceeds to explain her people’s ancestral connections to land in what is now known as Europe. She explains how the Sami people of the Arctic are experiencing the impact of climate change: rainy winters and reindeer starvation threaten their way of life. Filmed before the COP21 climate talks, she urges us to take to the streets as she anticipates doing with 350.org. Photo credit: Sofia Jannok

14 10, 2015

Sami Woman Sara Marielle Beaska On The Danger Of 1.5 Degrees

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In the arctic where the Sámi people live, the temperature has already risen by 1,5 degrees. Sara Marielle Beaska sings a yoik, or traditional folk chant, she wrote herself. The song is entitled “Gulahallat Eatnamic” translating to “We Speak Earth.” Beaska urges people to film themselves performing this yoik and share it widely. Photo credit: 350.org

12 10, 2013

Swedish Co-Op Creates A Stake For Women In Wind Industry

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The creation of the all-women wind energy co-operative Qvinnovindar in Falköping, Sweden, began in 2007, when Wanja Wallemyr gathered with nine women to collectively finance a community wind project. The initiative has grown to over 80 women members and has received awards for its vanguardism in a predominantly male industry. Photo credit: Grist

22 02, 2010

Solvatten: A Solution To Clean Water Challenges

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Over the course of 11 years, Petra Wadstrom, a Swedish inventor, designed the Solvatten solar-powered water purifier to help provide clean water to 1.2 billion people who currently lack access. Wadstrom hopes to inspire teachers and students through her invention and to open up discussions about climate change and poverty alleviation.