In a CBC Radio interview, Janice Keil discusses her efforts to repatriate 100 acres of land to Alderville First Nation in Ontario, Canada. Gord Downie and Buffy Saint Marie have been a source of inspiration for Keil, particularly in light of the 2017 Canada 150 celebrations. After hearing Downie speak, she says, she felt ashamed to celebrate and has since vowed to do everything she can to help with Reconciliation efforts. The process of passing on the deed has not been easy given that this has rarely – if ever – been done. Keil hopes that her actions will set an example for fellow Canadians as well as the Ontario Land Trust Alliance and that more land will be repatriated. While some in her community have dismissed her as naïve, she maintains that at the heart of Reconciliation is the land that white settlers stole from Indigenous communities. Photo Credit: Janice Keil