Ni Huan and He Yisha are a few of the female leaders behind China’s green energy transition, fueling efforts at both the grassroots and business levels. Ni Huan’s decision to install an awning with solar panels at her Shanghai home has not only resulted in energy and cost savings but also drawn widespread interest from local schools, universities, and governments. Her community has since become a knowledge sharing hub for people interested in distributed solar projects. Since March 2015, her organization, Green-light Year, and its all-female team has provided eco-tours, workshops, and solar installations to over 1,600 people. Young entrepreneur and environmentalist He Yisha is the founder and CEO of two solar manufacturing companies, Unisun and Uper. Her leadership has helped these businesses achieve a global presence in only a few years and continues to inspire other women in the solar industry and country. Photo credit: Ji Zhe/Greenpeace