Women are at the centre of the Turkish climate movement. 350.org shares three of their favourite stories of Turkish Villagers for International Women’s Day. 1) The women of Yirca were outraged by the uprooting of 6,000 olive trees, their source of livelihood, to pave the way for a coal plant. Their powerful resistance prompted a national outcry that resulted in the suspension of the project. The same day the women planted new olive seedlings to mark the power of people against coal.  2) Dudu Sözcüer, a math teacher, set up a solar power plant in Manisa with 2,200 solar panels. She has inspired other women to play a role in the Turkish solar industry. 3) Süheyla Doğan, a well-known environmental activist, has been at the centre of struggles against gold mining in Havran. She is also active leader in resisting the 16 proposed coal plants in Kazdağlan and works to promote conscious consumption and natural and traditional living. Photo credit: 350.org