Rukka Sombolinggi, a prominent activist and the first woman at the helm of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN), is fighting to protect Indigenous land and communities from conflict, logging and extractive industries. In 2013, Indonesia’s Constitutional Court ruled that Indigenous people have the right to manage forests where they live. Later, President Joko Widodo announced Indonesia would return 13,000 hectares of customary lands to nine indigenous groups and committed to giving back a total of 12.7 million hectares to local and indigenous groups. However, his plans to boost infrastructure and energy production mean more tribes are at risk of being displaced. Last year, a draft law to recognise and protect Indigenous peoples’ rights, which is the result of years of lobbying by AMAN and other organisations, was listed by the House of Representatives. Sombolinggi mentions that the fight did not end there and this law is AMAN’s top priority for the years to come.