From 30th March, 2016, more than 6,000 farmers from various municipalities in the North Cotabato Province of the Philippines held a protest to demand rice subsidies following food shortages caused by droughts. The government responded with violence, killing 2, wounding over 100 and leaving many missing or detained, including 34 women, 4 of which were pregnant. Bai Ali Indayla, Secretary General of KAWAGIB Alliance of the Advancement of Moro Human Rights, a negotiator on behalf of farmers, was wounded in the protest. She and the other protestors took shelter in a nearby church, only to be barricaded in by PNP-Region 12 and other units of State forces. Women Human Rights Defenders: International Coalition (WHRDIC) condemn this brutal attack and call for Karapatan, a human rights organisation, to be able to carry out an investigation without harm, they demand the release of those unlawfully detained and accountability for violations perpetrated against protestors. Photo credit: WHRDIC